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Know the 5 Signs of Mental Illness


SAU Employee Assistance Program

HealthTrust’s Slice of Life program has always focused on smart lifestyle choices and preventing health problems, but your well-being includes more that good physical health. That’s why Slice of Life offers the LifeResources-Employee Assistance Program with the tools to helpyou manage life’s biggest stressors. All aspects of the program are absolutely confidential and voluntary, so no one will know you’re involved including your employer –unless you choose to ell them. Nothing is entered into your medical or employment records. There is no cost to employees, retirees, or their household members or dependents for you of our online services, telephone counseling or consultation for each legal or financial matter. Call the 24 hour toll-free number 800-759-8122 to speak confidentially with a counselor who cares and is professionally trained to help you.

Student Assessment Resources


NWEA Testing – DesCartes

DesCartes is an expanded version of the Learning Continuum that is customized to the NH State Curriculum Standards and is available to NWEA teachers directly from online reports.

View DesCartes Essentials document

DesCartes was an additional module purchased from NWEA and is accessible through the reports website (need id and password to login).

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