Food Service Fund

The global COVID-19 health crisis has closed the doors to the school, but we continue to feed our children.  Many students within SAU16 rely on the school’s meal program to eat.  Please consider donating to help feed the families in need during this global pandemic.  All money raised will help purchase food to feed the children of SAU16. The cost of the food has increased greatly due to the new items we are sourcing which are prepackaged foods.  The items we are purchasing are adding a higher level of non-contact. After COVID-19, any excess money from this donation campaign will be applied to and help clear the bad food debt of students from the 2019-2020 school year that remains unpaid.

Before April 29:

The Exeter Region Cooperative Meal Program is providing Breakfast and Lunch twice a week.  Pick up for meals are on Mondays and Wednesday between the hours of 11:00am – noon.


Pickup Locations:

East Kingston Fire Station

Lindenshire Mobile Home Park (Deep Meadow Variety Store)

Meeting Place Drive

Wiggins Public Library in Stratham

A variety of items are offered (including prepackaged for additional safety).  Anyone who are students within SAU16 may receive a meal if they pre sign up for pick up at one of our sites.

After April 29:

The Exeter Region Cooperative Meal Program will continue to serve the community with both Breakfast and Lunch until school is closed for the school year.  We will be going to a once per week pick up to protect our site people from overexposure to the public.


You can donate to the COVID 19 Food Service PayPal account by clicking on donate below.

Due to the overwhelming generosity, we believe we have met our goal for the SAU 16 COVID 19 Food Service Fund. Thank you so much for taking care of our children!