Sawyer Rogers is one of 104 students chosen to attend this year’s United States Senate Youth Program Washington Week. (Photo courtesy of Exeter High School).

EXETER— Principal Michael Monahan is proud to announce that an Exeter High School Senior has been chosen to attend the United States Senate Youth Program (USSYP) Washington Week in Washington, DC in March.

Sawyer Rogers of Kensington will attend the week-long conference from March 7-14. The conference was created in 1962 as a way to increase young Americans’ understanding of the different branches of government.

While there, Rogers will attend meetings with senators, members of the House of Representatives, Congressional staff, the president, a justice of the Supreme Court, leaders of cabinet agencies, an ambassador to the United States and senior members of the national media.

Rogers will also receive a $10,000 scholarship from the Hearst Foundations, a national philanthropic resource the supports work in fields such as culture, education, health and social services.

“This is a great opportunity for Sawyer to represent Exeter High School and build on the great work he’s done during his four years here,” Principal Monahan said. “It was an honor and a privilege to nominate Sawyer for this prestigious award. I cannot think of a more deserving student in my 18 years working at EHS as an administrator. Sawyer truly excels as a student, person and a leader. He is destined to do great things.”

Students are chosen for the USSYP by the chief state school officer based on merits including their involvement in student government, academics and volunteer work.

Rogers was one of two students chosen by the state’s Commissioner of Education, Frank Edelblut, to attend and represent New Hampshire. George Eid, a senior from Nashua High School and Nashua resident, will also be attending. In all, 104 students will attend the program this year.

Rogers has served as class president for the last four years and has been an executive board member of the Exeter High School Student Senate for the last two years. He is currently enrolled in the Virtual Learning Academy Charter School Early College Program and is on track to earn an associates degree in liberal arts from Southern New Hampshire University in Manchester, N.H. this spring.

Rogers is an Eagle Scout and has been recognized as the New Hampshire Eagle Scout of the Year in 2019 by the Sons of the American Revolution and Veterans of Foreign Affairs.

Since the program was started, more than 5,700 students have taken part in the program. The program is sponsored by the Hearst Foundations.