JBAA Sexual Harassment – Students

JBAB Transgender and Gender Nonconforming Students

JEB Age of Entrance

JEC Manifest Educational Hardship

JFAA Admission of Resident Students

JFAB Admission/Attendance of Non-Resident Students

JFABD – Education of Homeless Students and Unaccompanied Youth

JFABD-R Technical Assistance Advisory Residency: Homeless Children and Youth

JFABE – Education of Children in Foster Care

JFAC Change of School or Assignment

JH SAU #16 Attendance, Tardiness and Truancy Policy

JHC Student Release Precautions

JH-R Grades K-8 Student Absences and Excuses – Rules

JICD Student Conduct, Discipline and Due Process

JICD-R Memorandum of Understanding

JICDD Student Discipline Out-of-school Actions

JICE Student Publications

JICFA Hazing

JICH Drug and Alcohol Use By Students

JICI Dangerous Weapons on School Property

JICK Student Safety and Violence Prevention – Bullying

JIH-R Search of Students

JIH Student Searches and Their Property

JJF Student Activities Fund Management

JKA Corporal Punishment

JKAA Use of Restraints and Seclusion

JKB Detention of Students

JKD Student Suspension

JKE Long-Term Suspension or Student Expulsion

JLC Student Health Services

JLCA Physical Exam of Students

JLCB Immunizations of Students

JLCB-R Immunization Requirements

JLCC Communicable Diseases

JLCCB Student Allergies

JLCD Administering Medicine to Students

JLCD-R Medication During the School Day

JLCF Wellness, Nutrition and Physical Activity

JLCH Do Not Resuscitate Orders

JLCJ Concussions and Head Injuries

JLD School Guidance and Counseling Program

JLF Reporting Child Abuse or Neglect

JLIA Supervision of Students

JQ Care of School Property By Students

JRA Student Records and Access