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Brentwood School Board Minutes & Agendas


In accordance with Brentwood School District Policy BEDG, “draft” minutes of School Board Meetings are available to any interested citizen within five (5) business days of a public meeting (within 72 hours of a non-public meeting) upon request.

Minutes may be requested from the principal of Swasey Central School (rkew@sau16.org) or from the Office of the Superintendent of SAU 16 (mdupes@sau16.org).

January 6, 2020Agenda

December 9, 2019 – Workshop Posting – Workshop Cancelled

December 4, 2019Agenda / Approved Minutes / Approved Non Public Minutes

December 2, 2019 – Postponed

November 4, 2019Agenda I Approved Minutes I Approved Non Public Minutes 

October 7, 2019Agenda | Approved Minutes

September 9, 2019Agenda | Approved Minutes | Nonpublic Minutes

August 14, 2019Special Meeting Notice | Approved Minutes

July 24, 2019Agenda | Approved Minutes