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Happy Summer from Superintendent Ryan

Celebrate a fantastic year with this letter from Dr. Ryan.

Superintendent’s Report – May 2019

The last day of school is quickly approaching… but there is still so much ahead! Read all about our upcoming events, highlights from each school, and this year’s graduates by reading Dr. Ryan’s May Report.

Superintendent’s Report – April 2019

So much is happening at SAU16…from the dedication of the Michael A. Morgan Center for Professional Learning, to honoring three staff members at the Exeter Area Chamber of Commerce, multiple charitable events, and the naming of the new principal at the Seacoast School of Technology, not to mention the numerous events at each of our schools and the upcoming spring vacation.

Catch up now with Dr. Ryan’s April newsletter.

Superintendent’s Report – March 2019

“We cannot express our thanks enough to the citizens, supporters, organizers, planners, and workers who live and/or work in the Greater Exeter Area. Everywhere we turn we see programming and decisions that are centered on making our world a better place for students to learn, live, and love…”

Learn about how SAU16 is working toward that goal in Dr. Ryan’s March Newsletter.

Superintendent’s Report – February 2019

We hope that all of you are relaxing and enjoying the winter break as we gear up to tackle the remaining three and a half months of school. With our high school graduation date set at June 7, and our last day of school for all students still scheduled for June 12, the end of the year will be here before you know it!

Please find our latest update on SAU 16 and school happenings here.

Superintendent’s Report – January 2019

It’s here! Kick off the second half of the school year with Dr. Ryan’s January 2019 Report.

Superintendent’s Report – December 2018

Featuring Special Guest Oliva Mumper (Grade 5 student at EKES)

Stay up to date with SAU 16 with the latest video report from Dr. Ryan, as well as this written report with updates on each school. Run time: 11 min.

Happy Holidays!

Superintendent’s Report – November, 2018

Watch the latest video report from Dr. Ryan and read this brief written report for school highlights, safety updates, and more.

Have a great Thanksgiving from SAU 16!

Superintendent Dr. David Ryan

Superintendent Dr. David Ryan

Superintendent’s Report – October, 2018

Watch the first-ever video report from Dr. Ryan on the latest happenings at SAU16!

Updates on each school can be accessed on the written Superintendent’s Report as well, and by visiting each SAU 16 website.

Note: Dr. Ryan would like to correct his statement that we have 12,000 employees. We are currently shy of that number, at 1200 employees, but we’re always on the lookout to add to our impressive team of dedicated faculty and staff. Click on over to our Employment section for details!

Staff Convocation, Opening Day 2018

Staff Convocation, Opening Day 2018

Superintendent’s Report – September, 2018

We’re off to a great start! Watch our Staff Convocation video and read the Welcome Letter to the community to learn about what makes SAU 16 such a great place for our students.

Official TBS badge for being one of the Best Public High Schools in the US

Exeter High School Ranked Among Best in the US chose Exeter High School from 24,000 public high schools for their Top 100 in the US:

“A great high school provides a highly developed curriculum, and a wide range of extracurricular activities that address the needs of all students. College preparatory and vocational courses are made available so that students can earn college credits or certifications during their high school experience, easing their entry into both college and career… “


Read more about the list and see the listing for EHS!

CMS buidling entrance

Information about the CMS Renewal Project

SAU16 is taking steps to educate the community about our CMS Renewal Project. To this end, we’re building a digital information network that allows you to navigate through online information at your leisure without having to leave the warmth of your home. It is our intent to use the online platform to provide you with all of the accurate and factual information that you will need to make an informed decision when it comes time to decide on whether or not this project will reach completion. Please see Dr. Ryan’s CMS Renewal Project Letter for more details.