NWEA Testing

Essential Teacher Information

NWEA assessments provide a constant scale score of student achievement. This score can be used and tracked over time to ensure that students are assessed on strengths and weaknesses in selected areas. Teachers can then deliver differentiated instruction to ensure optimal student growth over time. NWEA MAP assessments are designed for teachers to use data to target student goals and instruction. It is important for students and teachers to know and understand the meaning of their assessment scores.

Following is a list of materials and resources that all SAU 16 teachers should be familiar with. These resources are available from the NWEA website, the SAU 16 website and NWEA training materials. They are listed here because every SAU 16 teacher in grades 2 through 10 should initially review all this information. Please take a few minutes to review these and ensure you have read and familiarized yourself with these resources (most are in pdf format):

  1. Understanding Teacher and Class Reports
    - a 4-page booklet describing how to use report data and setting goals
  2. Guides to Accessing Teacher Reports You will need an NWEA id and password from your principal or MAP Coordinator
  3. Interpreting the NWEA RIT Scale Score - a document that has three separate charts (math, reading, language) and shows the kinds of work students can do at various points on the RIT scale. Last page (8) shows how to use the charts.
  4. Guide to talking to students about MAP Testing - There is also a powerpoint presentation available from the NWEA website that teachers can use with students.
  5. Reports Website - the initial page has the login box on the top where you use your NWEA id and password to request online reports. Scroll down that page (before you login!) to the Annotated MAP Reports section where there are detailed explanations of the data contained in the reports. The Teacher and Class Reports are the ones available online the day after testing.
  6. NWEA Website
  7. ParentToolkit - a document for parents that explains NWEA assessment testing and how they can help their children.
  8. NWEA Document Library - in the Support section of the NWEA website. You can view selected documents applicable only to teachers. Many of the documents shown here were retrieved from there - it's a good resource to know about and check once in a while.

There are two groups of reports -

  • 'online' or 'teacher' reports - available the next day after testing - only a few selected reports are available but teachers can login and get these themselves and they are available the next day. These reports are in Adobe Acrobat format.
  • end-of-term reports - the MAP Coordinator needs to request these reports. There are several reports available in a variety of versions. They must be ordered after testing is declared complete for the district, it can take up to two weeks for NWEA to create these reports, and Crystal Reports viewer is required to view and print them.

Note - On Teacher reports, the Goal Performance columns on the right vary in terminology so the samples you see in documentation may not match our local reports. These columns are tailored by NWEA to match the state standards terminology.