Superintendent Search Survey

The SAU 16 Superintendent Search Committee has begun a process for filling the position of Superintendent of Schools for 2018-2019. The first step in the process this year is to develop a profile for this important position. To do this, the committee is asking faculty, staff, students, parents and community members the question: "What are your hopes and expectations for the new SAU 16 Superintendent?"

Members of the search committee along with the New Hampshire School Boards Association have piloted a survey that seeks responses to this question. We are now in the process of sending this survey out through email to all parents of students in SAU16 as well as to all faculty and staff.

This survey will also be made available to community members through a link on the SAU16 web site. I would appreciate it if you could communicate this invitation to the Exeter region community.

All responses will be anonymous. The results will be compiled and shared with the SAU 16 Superintendent Search Committee. The profile will serve as a basis for the search and selection process.

To access this survey please click on this link.

Thank you,
Esther Asbell